Top 5 Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

If you are a music lover who is looking to have a seamless music streaming experience having an exclusive collection of music tracks for free to hear your favorite music anywhere and anytime.

Then, nowadays, many of the people have shifted to some of the popular music streaming apps services like Spotify, Pandora, Google Music Play, or music streaming app like Apple music.

Also to note, that if you are looking to have your music collection and your stock music player is not letting you have your favorite music collection and stream music then you not need to worry anymore!

Here are our picks for the best music player apps if you need apps that can stream music to the best!


Spotify is the most widely used online music app that has grabbed the most popular among the people. It is the best app that is used for listening to unlimited music and soundtracks worldwide.

Interestingly, Spotify is the top-ranking app for music downloads that can be installed for a variety of Smartphone devices (Android and iOS).

Moreover, there is a wide range of features in the Spotify app that allows its users to sync their favorite music and follow the artists as well.

The best part about this app is that it allows users to create radio stations to play music as per initial choice recommendations 

Pricing: Spotify has a free and premium version both. Premium features access costs $9.99/month.


Pandora is second to none best music streaming app that is highly popular for a flowless music streaming experience. Pandora is the app for the iPhone users and has millions of active Pandora users.

While using the Pandora app, the user just needs to put their desired artist name then Pandora will immediately start recommending the related playlist.

Also, users can rate their favorite songs and their overall streaming experience related to streaming speed. Users also have the option to save their favorite songs and bookmark them so that they can listen to those songs anytime they want.

Besides, Pandora also allows its users to save their favorite radio stations, access mp3 files from various devices like mobile, desktops, and tablets.

Pricing: Free and Pandora Plus version both available. To get an ad-free experience, Subscribe to Pandora 


AIMP is an amazingly powerful mobile music app that supports the most common music file types such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and others. On the flip side, you also get a plethora of customization options, themes options, and other exciting things like that.

Apart from that, this app has a simple User Interface (UI) that will leave no stone unturned to experience a better music streaming experience. Besides, this app has a really simple material design interface. 

The volume normalization, live streaming, and equalizer options are also amazing.

Also, what makes it more attractive is that there is a desktop version for this app in case if you want to access AIMP on your PC.

Pricing: This app is free of cost

JetAudio HD

JetAudio is one of the other amazing music streaming App that has drawn the user attention due to its appealing set of features. Even though there are plenty of features available in this app, it is still simple enough for everyone to use.

There is an audio enhancement feature that allows you to have a better music experience than usually you get with the simple features.

Better yet, the equalizer comes with 32 presets along with the tag editor, bass booster, widget, and even MIDI playback option.

This app offers both a free and paid version wherein the paid version, you can get a completely ad-free music streaming experience.

Pricing: Free/ $3.99 + $2.99


MediaMonkey is taken its stand as a bit different music player app as it has many unique sets of features such as organizational features like podcasts, audiobooks, and being able to sort songs by facilitating things like sort songs by composer instead of just artist. 

Apart from that, this app can sync your music library from your computer to your phone or otherwise. 

It comes with both the mobile and desktop versions 

Pricing: Free/ $2.49


Musicolet is a music player app that has more desirable though unique set of features other than music player app features. 

It includes an offline experience, a small APK size, a lightweight UI, and more. 

Additionally, this app features multiple equalizer, queues, tag editor, widgets, embedded lyrics support, folder browsing, and many more features. 

So, if you want to just have a music playing experience without the hindrance of any other stuff then this is the best option for you to go for free.

Pricing: Free 

Key Takeaways

Let’s wrap it up!

Have you used any of the above-given music streaming apps? Then, this article has highlighted the usage, features, and pricing of the given music apps. Do share it across the social media networks so more people can get useful insights about it!

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