How to Set-up Spotify for Android TV for a better music streaming!

How to Set-up Spotify for Android TV

Do you feel the need for music? Would you like to listen to your favorite music for free? Then here’s the good news for you and people who love to listen to their favorite kind of music has been simply made possible with the use of Spotify Apk for Android TV. Do you know How to Set-up Spotify for Android TV for a better music streaming experience?

With Spotify Android TV app you can easily browse the playlist of your choice, tracks, albums, and of course your favorite artists as well with just a press of your TV remote button or from your smartphone device.

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Having said that, Spotify Apk for TV will make you listen to your most likely tunes, get the stunning album artwork for you that can appeal to you on your smart TV big screen.

Hence, the new Spotify Android TV app can let you experience both free and premium version of Spotify where you can enjoy streaming your favorite songs and playlist

Here are some amazing features of Spotify for Android TV

Features of Spotify on Android TV:

  • It allows you to get your favorite music play on a bigger screen for free of cost
  • You can have the seamless experience to browse your choice of songs, music albums, artists, and playlists
  • With Spotify for Android TV, it’s easy to control from the use of your TV remote, or with your smartphone device connected.
  • With premium Spotify, you can have a great music listening experience with the high-quality audio sound

How to set up Spotify for Android TV?

It’s simple and easy to set-up the Spotify for android TV. Here are the guided steps you need to follow while setting it up:

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to ensure that your Android TV and the device having Spotify access are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Next, on your TV screen you will need to scroll down to Apps. When you are on the Apps, there you need to select Google Play Store.

Step 3: Finally, you need to search Spotify from the “search bar” of the Google Play Store and install it.

You can easily download the Spotify for Android TV app by finding the Spotify music Apk Mod either on Google Play Store or from the Spotify music for Android TV Apk Mod sites.

Back and forth, if you want to have a great music listening experience for Spotify on Android TV, then you can have a better music streaming experience with Spotify on SHIELD Android TV that makes it even more comfortable for you from your couch while streaming on SHIELD.

Furthermore, you always have the option to switch from your Android TV to your smartphone device to control the Spotify app.

Wrapping Up

At last, with the use of Spotify Apk for Android TV, not only you can enjoy your favorite songs, music albums, playlists, artists, but also you can take advantage of listening to your favorite podcasts of your choice on the big screen. All you got to do is to make use of your Android TV remote control, or with Spotify connect on your Android phone or tablet. 

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