A Step-By-Step Guide to Fix the Spotify Web Player Not Working Issue

Spotify Web Player is without a doubt one of the most popular websites around the globe that lets you experience a plethora of music without even being worried about downloading the music to your PC. Of course, the Spotify premium version lets you download your favorite music to play it later when you are offline.

It’s kind of astonishing and excellent, at the same time a lot of people are also getting some terrible issues and are reporting about the Spotify Web Player not working on a few browsers.

Hence, to get the Spotify Web Player back on track, we will guide you to some fixing tips in this article.

Let’s Start!

Whitelist Spotify or Turn off ad blockers 

If you know it or not, if you are running Spotify Premium, there is a higher chance of ad-blocking add-ons interference with the Spotify web player. To cope up with that, the one thing you can ensure is to turn them off through the add-ons menu of your browser or their toolbar icon.

However, if you are using some of the popular ad-blocker add-ons which simply allow you to whitelist the complete domain with a single click of the enabling/disable button. 

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache 

We know how smoother a browser could function with the cookies and cache by remembering the important information like login credentials. 

It is hard to remember so much such information, hence, sometimes your Spotify web player information could even be forgotten from your side. So, when you move for any information update on your Spotify web player, you should always remember to clear your recent cookies and cache.

You might certainly have a question in mind, how to clear cookies and cache on Chrome or Firefox?

Here we go for the steps:

Steps to Clear the Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome Browser


  • First and foremost, you need to open the menu having three dots placed on the top right corner of your Chrome browser toolbar.
  • Next, you need to hover down to the “More tools” option; there you can see the sub-menu on the left, just click on the Clear Browser Data from there.
  • Next, when you are at the Clear Browsing data page, you need to select the time range (last 24 hours, last week or month), or as per your choice by ticking the browsing history you want to delete
  • Finally, you need to Clear Data and then make sure to restart your Chrome browser. Your Spotify Web Player should be back to normal.


Steps to Clear Cookies and Cache on Firefox


  • From the top right corner of your Firefox browser, click on the three dots from the toolbar
  • Now, you need to navigate to the library, then to the History
  • Next, you could be able to see the clear recent history, just select the time range for the history you want to clear. Select Week if your Spotify stopped working before 3-4 days. 


  • Finally, you can select the Clear Now button, then restart your Chrome browser and login back to your Spotify web player from your Firefox browser.

Switch or Update your Browser

If you are a Mac user and have a problem with your Spotify on the Safari browser, then you should switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. For some reasons, if the problem still continues, then you should check whether or not if you haven’t disabled the “Automatic Updates”. If such is the case, then on the top right corner of your Chrome browser, select the three dots, and click the Update Google Chrome.  The same can be done for the Firefox browser.

Fixing the Spotify Web Player from the Connected Device List

 If you have tried everything mentioned above and still couldn’t fix the problem, then the next thing you should do is to check whether if you have multiple devices connect to your Spotify account as due to the multiple devices connected to your Spotify Web Player account, sometimes your clicked songs simply plays nothing. 

You can simply get it fixed by clicking on the Device list that is placed on the left side of your Volume control button of your Spotify Web Player.

For that, you need to tap on the Settings> Devices then try to switch the different devices that are shown on your Web Player. 


Spotify Web Player may sometimes not work properly due to some of the above-mentioned reasons. Hence, with the use of this guide and with a few fixing tweaks, you can get your Spotify Web Player smoothly running again.

If you have found any other fixing trick other than the above-mentioned, then do let us know in the comment section below!

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