A Quick Guide to Fix the Common Spotify Problems and Errors

Spotify has taken its stand as one of the leading music streaming services. With having over 30+ million premium subscribers and more than 70 million free users, Spotify is way ahead of the other music streaming services.

However, being the top-notch music streaming service platform doesn’t mean that there could not be any problems and issues. 

There might be some of the issues that may happen more frequently on various devices. The errors may even occur on a Spotify premium account. For that, you might be wondering, why are there Spotify problems? Or Why is Spotify down?  

Well, we have got your back to cover all your Spotify problems and error codes to help you fix them on PC devices, iPhone devices, Android smartphones, Mac, and others.

The answer to all your questions is in this guide, just go through it and check it step by step to fix the common Spotify problems and errors.

Let’s get started!

How to Solve the Spotify Streaming Problem?

If you are facing the Spotify streaming error that interrupts you from enjoying your music streaming experience, then in many cases the error could be from your home network or with your PC or smartphone device itself.  So if you are not able to play the songs or if you have the problem where it says “You’re Offline” then try this thing:

  • Enable your device Airplane mode, then wait for 30-40 seconds and turn it off back
  • Restart your smartphone, Game Console, or PC devices that you use to stream Spotify music streaming services.
  • Try to unplug and restart your modem from your internet service provider for 30-60 seconds.
  • Try restarting your wireless router by turning the power off for 60 seconds and switching it On after a while.
  • Try to connect your Ethernet cable directly to your PC if you are accessing Spotify on the PC device.

If Spotify errors continue, then you should try to contact your local cable company operator for support.

Fixing Up the Spotify Shared Account Issues

If you are running a Spotify account that you share it with the other person, then while at the time of playing the music, you may get a message that says “If you play the music Spotify will stop other users from playing music”

To simply get rid of such an error message, if you upgrade your Spotify account by spending $5/month more by signing up for a family account to fix up your Spotify shared account issues.

Fix the No Sound Error

If you are facing the problem of “No sound” coming from the Spotify app, then you better check whether the volume is not “muted” for Spotify on your Windows or Mac device.

On the other hand, for Android or iPhone devices, just ensure whether you don’t have Bluetooth headphones connected. 

Recovering the Spotify Deleted Playlist

Sometimes unintentionally you might delete a Spotify playlist. Hence, to recover your deleted Spotify playlist:

First login to Spotify on your computer and then click recover playlists. Any of your previously deleted Spotify playlists can be seen on this page. Just click on the “Recover Playlist” option to recover it back to your Spotify account.

Facebook Account Problems on Spotify

Sometimes when you log in to the Spotify account with a username and password other than Facebook Login. You may see a wrong Facebook account linked to your Spotify account.

If that is the case, then click on the Spotify> Preferences, Navigate to Social Network and click “Disconnect from Facebook”.

After that, you can then connect your Spotify and login with your Facebook account. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, when everything is said and done, the above-mentioned problems and issues don’t happen regularly. There may be times when some of those issues and errors would arise which you can tackle by following the mentions in this guided article. 

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